Odyssey 700 Bikepacking Adventure

Posted by Ryan Spitz on Dec 7th 2019

Odyssey 700 Bikepacking Adventure

Bikepacking is one of the fastest growing outdoor recreation activities, you take your bikepacking bike / gravel bike, strap your tent and minimal belongings to it, and head off-road on a one or multi-day adventure. Northern California is untapped and of course, perfect for bikepacking. Odyssey 700 is our 700 mile bikepacking course created by Ryan Spitz, it takes your from the southern tip of Oregon all the way down to Stinson Beach, just north of San Francisco. 

Jasper Hudson - Odyssey 700

I typically don’t like it when I see this type of pic on social media. It makes me feel like someone posting is trying to manipulate my emotions with a staged scenario. This pic was taken by @ironspitz23 on day eight (I think) of the @odyssey700 We were about to finish a very long day as we came to this amazing overlook right before the sun was about to set. I don’t remember having any tangible thoughts, it was a rare instance of feeling “in the moment.” ~ Jasper Hudson

Ryan Spitz Odyssey 700

Essential GPS Navigation ~ Ryan Spitz

Odyssey 700

Odyssey 700 At A Glance

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